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Julie - California - We watched the film last night and loved it! really did a great job of capturing that last run and the feel and texture of Jack Kirks life in your documentary. I enjoyed watching it and will again.


Kim Ann - Ohio- I, for one, am very glad you grabbed the opportunity to make this film. Too many times great stories, like this one, are taken to the grave. Thank you for doing this great film.


Gloria - Suisan City, California - You've done a great job of capturing Jack Kirk as the Dipsea Demon and a man that lived his own lifestyle in Mariposa. I truly enjoyed your video.


Arnold - California - It was really great to see. I once jokingly pretended to help him by giving him a little push on his back as I was passing him on Insult. Wow! What a reaction! Then I heard later, as mentioned in your film, that I wasn't the only one.


Mark - Portland, Maine - I just finished watching your film a hour ago. Had me in tears. Thanks for making it.

Thor - Oslo, Norway - I received the DVD yesterday and saw it two times last
night. I enjoyed every second of it, what a man Jack Kirk is! I give the film six out of six points, it is one of the most inspiring stories I have ever seen on film.